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Thursday, March 25, 2010

CPT Photo Contest CLOSED!


Thanks for joining. So sorry for those who are late, I can't accept anymore photos.

Will announce the winner ASAP!!

PRIZES! *edited on 20/2/2010
1st place : RM80 e-voucher + choose : A pair of Roxy Wedges OR RM20 e-voucher
2nd place : RM50 e-voucher + choose : A pair of Roxy Wedges OR RM10 e-voucher
3rd place : RM30 e-voucher+ choose : A pair of Roxy Wedges OR RM5 e-voucher
5 consolation prizes : Free Postage on next purchase and 100 pts added to your current purchase
100pts = RM4 discount for next purchase. Btw, each one of u earned points, u knew? RM1=1pts :)

1. Prizes can be claim for all NEW items only, not preloved!
2. Postage charges will be determined based on weight
3. Roxy wedges are available only for stocks in hand
4. Applicable for items updated before 10 March 2010 (not new stocks)

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