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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Testimonials & Feedbacks

Dila on Preloved 'Very Pink Dress' + Free Orange top 24/12/11

Liyana on Preloved Purple Sundress - 17/12/11

Afilya on Preloved Puffy Cardigan - 15/12/11

Hanim on Preloved Modern Vintage (Shirt) - 24/6/11

Farrah on Vincci Extravaganva Wallet - 23/5/2011

Nabilah on Gorjes Grey Heartsies - 30/4/2011

Penny Tan on Marc Jacobs imitation Purse - 18/2/2011
"yes dear i received it, n love it much tqvm"

Kak Nieyza on Monthly Order Bags - 9/2/2011
"salam,,,beg dah sampai...tqvm"

Faten Amalina on Preloved Goggle Jeans - 13/1/2011
"dah dpat dah... thanx :)"

Junaidah on Terralicious (Brown) - 13/1/2011
"dear,i dah dpt beg i and cardi... u bg i free gift ke?? makasi erk..."

Leeyana on Stylish Blouse - 12/1/2011

Reen on Stylish Blouse (Pink) - 9/1/2011
"wani! da dapat kemeja tu.. cantek. kain die pon bes rily luv it :D"

Ida on 2 Weekly Order Bags (7/1/2011)
"Hai..i da dpt beg..mmg cantek la yg tu..thanks eh..kau ur card ade ckp u ada wallet and tee tapi mcm xbyk je dlm blog coz i cari wallet n tee.."

Farah on Weekly Order Bag (0983-Red) (6/1/2011)
"I received it today. Thank you very muchhh :) "

Luvlicious Belle on Preloved MNG Military (6/1/2011)
"salam,hye dear.i gt the shirt already.luv it so much.thanx ya..:)"

Chin Ee on Yuki Style Mini Dress (21/12/2010)
"Hi, received the dress today~ Love it~ :D Thanks!'

Mimi on 2in1 Korean Bag (White) (14/12/2010)
'I got the stuff. Thanks. Hope you'll put more cute and nice stuff in your blog ! Bhaha"

Khairin on Vintage Drawstring (D.brown) (9 Dec)
"okies...i dah dpt my nice thank you...^ ^"

Mimi on 2in1 Korean Style Bag (White) (8 Dec)
"Barang dah dapat. Thanks !"

Yasmin on Ms Alexandra (Mustard bag) (9/11/2010)
"i dh terima parcel..nice!!...:) "

Nadiah on Modern Vintage V1, Black (4/11/2010)
"Dah trime bag tu! Cntk! Suka! Thx darl!"

Azie on preloved dresses + free tee (1/11/2010)
"hi!receive the parcel already. Thanks!"

Farah on Classic Vintage, White (11/10/2010)
"Beg da smpai. Sry late inform. Thanks!"

Nini on Chanel Square (purple) (28 Oct 2010)
"Hi. Hv received bag. Like it. Tks"

Raidah on Pre-order Korean shoe (20 Sept 2010)
"Hai, daa dpt kasut tu. Nb baik muat kaki kecik o nie..thanks =)"

013-266**** on Gaza big bag (16 Sept 2010)
"ey, slmt hari raya. beg da dpt smlm. tq, cun! ad lg x?"

Amalina on Modern Vintage V1 + Simply Vintage (15 Sept 2010)
"U2 beg2 da sampai lunch td. Sorry x reply n lambat reply. I xsihat. neway thank u so much babe!"

Aisya on Preloved bag (15 Sept 2010)
"Bag da smpi! yeay *smiley*"

Jatt on Modern Vintage V1 (15 Sept 2010)
"Weng, dpt! Sukeee!"

Adibah on The Modern Vintage V2 (Orange) (26/7/2010)
"Oh Alhamdulillah, I just received the parcel petang tadi. Very vintageous and indeed, very nice bag! Thanks Kak Wanie. Any updates, don't worry, I'll show up. Kena jimat duit :)"

sorry-forgot-name on Terralicious (25/7/2010)
'Darl. I dh dpt bag terralicious tuh. i suke. thanx tau. hearts *smile'

Fareeza on Maxi Dress 101+Exclusive Kimono+leggings (22/7/2010)
"Anyway, I got all the items yesterday (err kelmarin la kot since hari ni dah rabu, hehe) and berbaloi walaupun kena berhadapan dengan orang poslaju! Hahaha

I actually wore the kimono today (err, yesterday)! Hehe. And after I got home, I changed from jeans to the leggings. :D. So now, the only thing left is the maxi dress. I dah cuba la and much to my pleasant surprise the height of the dress sangatlah perfect, tak singkat tak labuh. Very happy cause I bought another maxi dress and dia labuh. And I tried yours before I got the other dress, so I ingat "bestnya! kalau semua dress height cam ni kan best". But sadly, no. Heheh :p "

Lydia on Peach Sundress (6/7/2010)
'Received the dress *smile* really pinkinsh peach huh! nvr had that colour before *smile* will wear it soon. thanks ya!'

Farhah (16/6/2010)
'Salam wanie..dh dpt blouse tuh..huhu..thanks ya *smile'

Aida on pre-order dresses/blouse (16/6/2010)
'those dresses are very nice! thanks ya'

Sofiyy (16/6/2010)
'salam sis. da dpt the wedges, bag n watch. =) tantik!'

Hana Strawberry (16/6/2010)
'wanie, i dah dpt my parcel smlm. tp br dpt buka today. smlm xsihat. tqvm - hana'

017-5501*** on pre-order shoes and bags (16/6/2010)
'dah dpt. thanks! *smile*'

013-7733*** on preorder dress (16/6/2010)
'wani. i dh dpt. thnx yah! love it =)'

Michelle on Gorgeous Vintage Black (18/5/2010)

Just wanna let u know that I just recieved the parcel. Love it so much!! Thx!!

Farah Adiba (7/5/2010)
Hye wani..i hv received d wallet..thnks so much do looks very nice *smile*

Ela on Plain Black Roxy wedges (29/4/2010)
"hye da dpt sandal tu..nice..tQ.. hehe :)) "

Sheirlyene (29/4/2010)

Huhuhu.. So sad.. Cz i love all ur collection & reasonable price too.. Hope that i can deal with u again dear..

Anyway thanks for ur information dear..


Mariah, on Sweet Adorable Dress-grey (23/4/2010)
"Wanie, da dpt dat dress. D dress is sweeeet. Thx ya"

Tzi Ying on Sweet Adorable Dress (14/4/2010)
"Owhhh, is 27 before stretch.. is loose for me :( im only 25..

Hopefully u will bring in more wonderful and cheap clothes in the future! ;) thanks for your help."

Jo (12/4/2010)

"hi hazwani, i already received my parcel. the postman cuti sigh* thanks for helping me. will shop at yours again. :) "

Ain - smarties. preloved (31/3/2010)
"Hi wanie..sori2...x sabar2 plak..huhu..barang baru sampai smlm..arini baru boleh amik kat p.pos..thnx anyway..;)"

Moon - CPT Roxy Photo Contest 1st Winner

thanx a lot darl...
& i want u to know that what i wrote for the photo contest was not just ayat bodek...
it really cames from me... =D


"hey babe~!!!
doubleOMG!!!!! i had never won anythng in my life... now... 1st place pulak tu... hehe... sooo happy & cannot stop smiling rite now... heeee~
owh...sgt happy smpi lupe nk tny psal hadiah... how to clam the prizes dear??? thanx for picking me as the winner~!!!


shopping in could be concluded into two words...CHEAP & PRETTY!!! suits the name!!! XD

Fizah (28/3/2010) 2nd Winner CPT Photo Contest

"Firstly,thx wani f0r 2nd winner's gonna be me!!.happy f0r dat!"

Aini (28/3/2010) 3rd Winner CPT Photo Contest
"OMG! thanx a lot dear!~~~ but the first place is realy2 nice shoot ;]]"

Rina on Roxy wedges (16/3/2010)
"hi wanie.i've received the wedgie.thanks dear.soo comel:)"

Not sure whom, from sms (24/2/2010)
"Wanie. I hav receivd ur wedges..thanks a lot"

Not sure whom :( (23/2/2010)
"Salam..sya da dpt brg sy.thnks"

Mira? (25/1/2010)
"Salam.. hi sis. i da dpt roxt wdge 2.its nice ! thnx yep *smile*"

Diana Amirah (18/1/2010)
"U, I just received the bag. Thnx dear!"

Miss Mee (17/1/2010)
"Thnx ya..! Wedges da samp pg tdy..Chantek sgt *wink*"

Michelle (15/1/2010)
"Hey babe, got the parcel d! Thanks lot! love it! *smile*"

Dayang Swak (14/1/2010)
"Wani, i dh dpt wedges tu. Really like it. *smile*. Thanks ya!"

Not sure who, but for Roxy wedges (14/1/2010)
"Thx darl..i hv get dat shoes.."

Not sure who, from sms (12/1/2010)
"Babe i da dpt top putih tu..Thanks k. *smile*"

Needa on Roxy wedges (11/1/2010)
"Hun i dh dpt sandal tu.I shuke amat2. I igt mau beli yg brown or black pulak. tapi kene tunggu 15hb"

Not sure who, bt for Roxy wedges, from sms (11/1/2010)
"Cik wanee, i dah dapat wedges tu. Kiut siot. hehe thnx"

Syahira on Roxy wedges (5/1/2010)
"Wanie.just rcve my slpr. thx ya *smile*"

Azureen on H&M black tee (5/1/2010)
"hey, i have receive the h&m black tee. i love it! thanks. u're the best =)"

Samantha on Roxy wedges (5/1/2010)
"Got the wedges today. Thanks =)"

Sherry on Roxy wedges (5/1/2010)
"Hi Wanie, I've received the parcel today. Luv the wedges much!! :)"

Martini, on Roxy wedges (1/1/2010)
"babe, already get the wedges..wink2..luv it. thanx ya *smile*"

Amalina on Wendy (30/12/09)
"Thanx a lot dear. I'll promote u to my frens.hehe. tell u what, as i went through the net, your shop je paling murah jual dat wedges (wanie said,not really.among the cheapest :P), n ur service pn bgs..keep up ur good work :)" ---> ohhh thanx a lott!! harts!

Amalina on Wendy (29/12/09)
"Hye there. I just came home..n received the parcel! Dear, the wedges is soo gorjes! Thanx a lot.. :)"

K.Maziah on IncyWincy dress (30/12/09)
"Ai dik..baju dah smpi.tq so much.."

Farhan on Brownie wedges (30/12/09)
"yeah dah dpt thanks a lot.."

K.yana on Brownie wedges (24/12/09)
hehe...cyg wani..kyana da dpt da...thanks yep...nanti kyana visit blog awak lg..kot nak order ape2..wah..pandai masak rupenye..bagus2..salam..wani..thanks kyana da dpt da....cute..thanks so much

Ryn on Mini Clutch : Elegant Black (24/12/09)
"i ok je ;) no problem. gd to hv seller like u - vry convenient. thanks ;)"

Aqilah, on Brownie Roxy Wedges (24/12/09)
"hye, i recieved the item, tq :D"

Zakiah, on Roxy wedges (23/12/09)
"Dear wanie,I received your courier yesterday...Lovely wedges..thankz.."

Lisa on MNG Gown (preloved) (15/12/09)
"salam. I da dpt bj tu ptg td..thx..cntk n, i jual kt akak i sbb ble die pkai nmpk lbey cantek.hehe"

Zafirah (1/12/09)
"Takpe. Brg dah arrived pg td! Thanks for the cute candle.Wink"

Wafiyah on Ti:Zed bag (3/11/09)
" Beg tu dah dpt. thanks ya.."

Aery (3/11/09)
"Hye wanie, how r u? juz nak inforn i dah rceived dah shirt tu. thanx a lot k..neway d coin purse cute lah..thanx again.. :>"

Zaty on white&brown inner (30/10/09)
"Wanie..i da dpt my inner.thnx 4 gift 2 ye :) "

Siera (29/10/09)
"Thnx anyway..nice making busines with u!"

Aki, on Ipod & FCUK tee
"hi there wanie the tees have been received and loved.thanx ! =)

Pinky on MNG Love-neck (19/9/09)
“Hey babe. Got it d thnx! Fit perfectly!”

Sushoe on Electric Blue Hoodie (15/9/09)
“Hye dear, shue hre, I da dpt blue hodie, cantek sgt,n fits me wel.thnx a lot!”

Luvvy on Love Heels
“Salam Wanie, I dah dapat kasut tu on last Friday, sorry lamabt inform you, Its really niceeee!! Thanx a lot Wanie.Saya beli ya”

Amalina on Polka Dot Dress (12/9/09)
“Hehe ok baju tu, nice. Muat I pki. Hehe. Thanx ek. =D”

Suhoney on Purple Georgeous (11/9/09)
“Dear..I got my parcel da. Smlm..nice..tq ea wanie..”

Roslawati on Happy Tee (4/9/09)
“salam dear.bju da dpt so beli ek!. tq so much..~~~”

Nur Diyana on Pyjamas+Shawl (16/8/09)
“thanks n really appreciate to deal business with u...=)”

Aliya on MNG Jacket (15/8/09)
"Thanx for the nice jacket!"

Aqilah on MNG Greyish (14/8/09)
“hi wanie..thx a lot for replying...anyway i am sooo gonna be ur regular customer..=) i like ur blog very much...=P..Hope to hear from u soon...u rox babe…”

Nik Diyanah on MU Jersey (7/8/09)
"i byr ptg ney..nnt u inform ur fren tue la kay..thank u dear..baik la u ney..=)"

Surya on Mr Froggie
“i dah dapat dah..tq...best2”

Azida on Butang Tee (25/6/09)
“hai there, thanks for the tshirt.already got it yesterday.which was my birthday. and the package, sort of like a birthday present - own bought. haha :)”

*saye suke orang yg baek :)

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