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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to save when u shop @ CPT

1. Buy in bulk to save on postage fee. When u purchase more, we're able to give you lower postage fee because we can save on our time and gas/minyak too!

2. When you buy more, we can try to give you more discountsbecause we're happy as much as u do :)

3. Use your point system. RM1=1 points. Every 100pts, u'll get RM4 off for your next purchase! Tips : U can ask your friends to buy using your name, so the points will be added to you, BUT all transactions need to be done through u, not them.

4. Be follower in our home pg/Twitter/ subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy lots of rewards for any sales etc.

5. Select postage method wisely. Poslaju is faster, but registered post is safe too! Post Express is not recommended if u live in college/apartments etc because it does not require your sign.

6. Be careful of transaction charge when u 'transfer' money from your banks. Some banks may charge transaction cost

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