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Monday, February 22, 2010

Preloved blog is now open! RM5 disc for followers!!


These are only some of my preloved items. There are loooots more!!

Since most of these items belongs to all my 4 sisters, I'm selling everything CHEAP!
As low as..FREE ITEMS!

What do we have in CPT Preloved?
1. Lots of handbags/ Cardigans/ Watches/ Dresses/ Shawls/ Books/ Tees/ Pants and more :)

2. Most item ranges from RM5-RM20.

3. Lots of promotions:
Buy 1 for RM8, 2 for RM12
Buy 1 for RM12, 2 for RM20
Buy 1 for RM15, 2 for RM25
Buy 1 for RM25, 2 for RM40


5. To appreciate all CPT followers/Subscribers/Twitter Friends which has been increasing from time to time, all of u can enjoy RM5 discounts on any preloved items :)

*followers as at 22/2/2010 ONLY
*Items priced RM5 and below, u need to pay for postage
*discounts only valid until certain date

Bought from Cheap.Pretty.Things before?

1. Check your points HERE and start redeem your RM4 discounts :)
*RM5 (followers) + RM4 (points)= RM9. phew!

2. Items bought from CPT that u wanted to re-sell, email me and I'll help u sell it out!

Lotss of love,

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