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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Roxy Wedges : Updated with 4 designs!

Hi again lovelies!

I love to share all these adorable stuffs and selling it cheap!
Psst..we've changed the address for roxy wedges.

Here are reasons why you should buy from us:

1. We offer the widest selection of Roxy wedges!
CPT has 11 designs,
added 2 more designs
and 2 more designs RESTOCK-ed!
So total is 15 *-*

And they are:
1. Casper in Black (Black Polkadots)
2. Casper in Pink (Pink Polkadots)
3. Blown Brown
4. Golding Black

2. We're selling it for only RM40 plus Poslaju!
Poslaju worth RM6, so we're actually selling at RM34!
Only add RM2 for Sbh/Swak

If u live around Shah Alam, here are places u can find em
a. Shah Alam Mall (sec9) - RM40- RM49
b. Plaza Alam Sentral - RM40
c. Jusco Bukit Tinggi Klang - RM40

"Ha, aren't we selling it C.H.E.A.P?"

3. We're giving lesser price for those who buy 2 wedges!
Yes it's sooo adorable that we all wanted to have more pairs!
Pls check promo price :)

4. We'll be having Roxy Wedges photo contest SOON!
Not sure about how it's gonna be, but it's gonna be fun!
Only open to those who bought from us!

Come and take a peek!

OUT OF STOCK (18/1/2010)

15 designs all together :)

p/s : If u're eye-ing any other wedges that is not here, do email me. There's some designs that is there but I didn't take. There's also leather sandal if u like :D

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