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Monday, January 11, 2010

Apologies, warning and update!

Hi everyone, it's been a week since I abandoned CPT!
My class started last Monday, busy arranging timetables (attend diff classes to see how's the lecturer) and got classes from 8.30am-4 or 6pm! It's really a hectic week.
On 1st week of class, I already had a quiz, 2 assignments. whoa!

Apologies for those who I sent items late, maybe very late or I promised to send on Friday but posted on Saturday. Terribly sorry! I can't even put into words how guilty I felt, especially Kak Zana and Neza :(
All my hectic week ends up with a fever.
That's how CPT influence me!

Btw, thanx to my customers who turns up to be a friend now,
Saby remembers me and wants to give me tickets to AJL. How generous!
Yum, Kak Zas sbb tgk blog sy everyday, and lots of others who congratulate me on my success in 2009 and customers who bought from me for all nice feedbacks X) Starting from NOW, I'm going to slow down all updates, delivery etc.
For Roxy wedges freaks, this is the last week u can ask for designs/sizes, because next week, I'm going to STOP all Roxy-thingy except for some leftover stocks. So act now! All delivery days has changed, pls refer 'Delivery Notes'.
Roxy wedges contests will be held soon, all themes, rules, prizes will be updated end of this week or next week. BUT u have to buy it from CPT only!

There'll be updates within this week :)
Some kimonos
Handbags u don't ever wanna miss!


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