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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking for supplier?

I've been soo very busy these days due to triple life - student+working+hse cleaner.

I got lotsss to update, but I just don't have time. I got so many pretty things I'd like to share (sell) but I just don't have time! How sad :'(

And that's why I wanted to supply things to you girls (or guys) who might want to start your business, so that u, who has so much free time, to share pretty things with others :)

I have items as above, and I will give reasonable prices.

Do mail me if u're

1. So low budget but wanted so bad to start business.
Lets share ideas on how we can make this a reality :)

2. looking for some extra pocket money
U may not want to buy in wholesale, but to be a reseller perhaps?
*reseller = amek untung atas angin

3. Just looking for a supplier and see my wholesale prices :)

Its !

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