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Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoes Coming your Wayy!

Dear loyal visitors,
After receiving HUGE request on pre-order shoes (thank u for that!), I've decided to open a new pre-order shoes.
For now, its not happening yet.

I still need some time to edit the pictures and details.
But do expect it coming over this weekend.

What's different with Pre-Order Shoes this time?

1. I'm bringing in new stocks/new design :o
2. Pre-order will be done only for limited time, so that shoe will arrive LESS than 2weeks!

3. Some shoes ares available for size4 feet! Yippie!

These shoes are from different supplier, so lets just hope everything would be fine, shall we :)

Just keep on visiting and thank u for your support! :)

=ms CPT=

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