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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Roxy Wedges Photo Contest by CPT

All pictures credited to Jatt Hajar. Such a nice artwork!!

Hello lovely customers!
To show my deep appreciation for u girls who bought Roxy Wedges from us, and because I myself love it to death, so I'm organizing this little contest right here :)

The contest is finally here. After lots of brain-washing, hair-pulling, nail-bitting, head knocking and all, I finally able to upload it. Yippie!!

Contest Title : How Much You Heart Your Roxy?
photos must be based on 'This is how much I H.E.A.R.T my ROXY!
Contest period : Starts from now until 3rd March 2010. (or. 11.59pm 2/3/2010)

Simple things to do : Take a picture with u and your ROXY wedges with a theme "This is how much I H.E.A.R.T my ROXY!" and send it to me! Simple as that :D

*sample picture*

How-to join this contest:
1.Take creative pictures with u & your Roxy based on 'This is how much I heart my ROXY'

Extra note
a. Pictures MUST include u+Roxy, x semestinya u pakai your Roxy :)
b. If u bought 2 or more wedges, u're allowed to send maximum of 5 pictures.
d. Confused? Ask me !

2. Choose the best 3, with little descriptions for the picture.
3. Optional : Write anything about CPT -shopping experience/prices/items/owner, anything! Need NOT to be long. But PLS BE HONEST! I can detect pretenders,u know :P

4. Send details to using THIS FORMAT ONLY
Subject : This is how much I love my ROXY!

Contact no
Which wedges u bought and sizes
Blog link, if u wrote about CPT
Followers/twitter friends or subscribers? Username :
***Remember, only 1 picture per email!

Psttt: Judgement will be given based on creativity (+ suitable with the Contest theme) and also secret points will be given. (which will only be tell later when winners are chosen)

After the contest ends, i will make announcement in CPT and notify the winner soon!
the winner soon!

1. Open to all customers who bought ROXY wedges ONLY from CPT
2. Maximum 3 pictures each BUT only attach 1 picture in a single email. (So if u have 2 pictures, u have to send 2 separate emails :))

PRIZES! *edited on 20/2/2010
1st place : RM80 e-voucher + choose : A pair of Roxy Wedges OR RM20 e-voucher
2nd place : RM50 e-voucher + choose : A pair of Roxy Wedges OR RM10 e-voucher
3rd place : RM30 e-voucher+ choose : A pair of Roxy Wedges OR RM5 e-voucher
5 consolation prizes : Free Postage on next purchase and 100 pts added to your current purchase
100pts = RM4 discount for next purchase. Btw, each one of u earned points, u knew? RM1=1pts :)

* Changes can be made without prior notice
** Details on prizes will be announce after winner has been notified
*** By entering this contest, u are allowing us to use your pictures/words freely.


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