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Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009


Just wanna give a BIG HUG for all of my customers.
Tq so much for your support!

2009 is such a great year, I can't believe its over.

Early 2009 is where I started Cheap.Pretty.Things, selling only pre-loved items.
Not making much money, but I get excited when I start receiving emails.
*emails never been so much fun!lol*

Then it suddenly came, when I have no idea what I wanna be in the future,
there's lots of ideas & supports to start this business.
I'm love buying & selling, I think that's 1 way for me to get out of this shopping-madness.

I'm so glad I started Cheap.Pretty.Things :)

So, THANKS A LOT to my parents esp mum for giving all modals + guidences
to boyfriend for giving wise ideas,
to sister who helped a LOT by helping with taking pictures
friends and of course, my CUSTOMERS (esp Sabrina.surprise!)
for trusting me and support me indirectly.

I love what I'm doing,
I love all the feedbacks,
I love all customers,
so I'll try to give the best low prices.
Do keep on supporting me ya!

2009- it's where I learn how to live, think and be.

I think I found my future :)

Lots of love,

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