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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Perhatian!! Kpd sesiapa yg pernah order/inquire..

Hi sweeties!

Below is the pending/order list.

If you had placed an order but your name is not in the list, kindly inform me.
*I must have skipped your emails or, my email goes to your SPAM*

I am so sorry for this, but I have lots of MIA.
L.O.T.S meant almost 10customers went MIA causing double 10 of potential customers ran away.
All reservations ends on next delivery day (Monday or Thursday).
Items will be released the next following day.

Those whose name is NOT in the list, kindly email/ re-order.

Here is the Pending list, reservations ends this Thursday.
**Items will be release to others on Friday w/out any notice from me**
Those who needs extra time do inform me ya?

1. Jatt - Brownie sz6, DJ Mix sz8, Stripey sz6 *later*
2. Lydia - white dress
3. Sam - Plain Brown sz 5, Brownie sz5 *sunday*
4. Hong Siew - PaulF Pink Balloon, BoomBoom Grey, Cammy Pink
5. Cheyenne - Black&White studded bags *til Friday*
6. Preorder Boutique - Pink&Purple H&M

guilty harts,

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